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We have some exciting news! Dr. Nanney is ready to sell the practice! He has had the pleasure of treating so many of you over the past 40+ years and as you know leaving those relationships has been hard. In September, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Trang made the tough decision to leave the practice. Dr. Trang moved back to California to be with her family and Dr. Johnson took over full time at the practice they shared. It was shocking news to all of us, but we have banded together and are ready to move on. These past couple of months have been challenging. We have been working with a consultant to find the right dentist/dentists to fit into our wonderful practice. Our criteria was high. (Much to the chagrin of the consultant!)

We are very pleased to introduce and welcome our new dentists, Dr. Michael Sesi and Dr. Jordan Rabban. They started January 4th, 2021, and will be alternating their days. We can assure you will all be in great hands. Remember the part about our criteria being high? Dr. Sesi and Dr. Rabban check every box! 1. To be family oriented 2. Establish great patient relationships 3. Perform quality dentistry 4. Have fun and laughter during the day. This is exactly how we have been running our dental practice all these years.

Dr. Sesi and Dr. Rabban are fun loving individuals with great senses of humor that will naturally brighten our office. Dr. Sesi enjoys a variety of outdoor and athletic activities, such as basketball, skiing, camping and hiking. He also has recently started scuba diving, but says he promises not to let any sharks near his hands. He is far from perfect though… he is a Green Bay Packers fan. Dr. Rabban is also an avid Michigander outdoorsman who enjoys heading up north and hanging out on various beautiful lakes in our great state. When Dr. Rabban is not in the office caring for his patients, he is spending time planning snowboarding trips and playing a variety of sports, such as basketball and golf… although Dr. Sesi says he is not great at either.

Dr. Sesi and Dr. Rabban’s combined skills offer a full range of dental services, including endodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and dental implants. In the coming weeks, the staff will be working closely with these two doctors in order to ensure a smooth transition for our patients and for them

The office name is changing to “Clarkston Dental Care.” The location and phone number remain the same. And your fantastic staff is still here too! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at (248)625-5511.


Sincerely “the girls,”

Lisa, Jenn, Amber, Vicky, Holly